Kiernan Milling

Our Mill is accredited under the Universal Feeds Assurance Scheme (UFAS) and is audited annually by an independent body. We operate using a robust feed safety programme developed using HACCP principles and in compliance with all Department of Agriculture and legislative requirements. Kiernan Milling has also been approved by Bord Bia’s Feed Quality Assurance Scheme (FQAS).

In 2007 Kiernan Milling acquired the ruminant brand Stewarts Animal Feeds which continues to grow within the market. This tonnage is now being produced in our state of the art mill in Granard. We have also developed our veterinary brand Kiernan Animal Health which provides our customers with a range of pig, poultry and ruminant animal remedy products.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best practical nutritional advice so that we can help you select the best diets for your animals, in order to optimise on-farm performance, increase yields and maximise profits. We can help you achieve this by working alongside our experienced technical team which is supported by our nutritionists and our many industry partners.